Contact:    Jerry Pucillo   Centergreen, LLC.   94 Union St.   Weymouth MA 02190     tel. 617.510.4503
Jerry Pucillo is a seasoned real estate professional. He has been engaged in small and large scale real estate programs and has provided everything from direct development responsibility to development consultation based on client needs. Over the years he has developed a specialized interest in approaching development projects from the perspective of how they impact the community and its resources. He can bring a very sophisticated approach to sustainability if required by the client. Every client has specific requirements they are hoping to achieve and Jerry brings an executive level understanding to each individual development project. He also provides whatever professional relationships he can bring to bear on behalf of his clients. This provides clients with the ability to  focus on the broader development objectives. Jerry also provides strategic thinking  expertise where required and can help to shape an overall Framework plan for complex programs and projects. The successful conclusion of any project starts at how the project is conceived, planned and ultimately implemented. Jerry understands that attention to detail in the pre-development and pre-construction stages is critical to the success of any development initiative.